How Do I Install Drawer Runners?


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Installing drawer runners is a simple task. Firstly screw the runners to the drawer that you wish to use. Ensure that the runner on each side is perfectly parallel with one another. Once that is done hold your drawer in your target location ensuring that the sliders are fully closed. Then you can use a pencil or pen to mark the guide holes for the screws. Depending on what surface you need to screw into make sure you can do so safely. If it's wood you could use a bradawl on the pen marks to help start off the hole for the screws.

If you just need to adjust your runners firstly take out the draw fully. Then use a screw driver to loosen each runner slightly so that you can use a spirit level to adjust it. Once you're happy just tighten up the screws.

Modern drawer runners use a special construction which allows you to push draw closed at any speed and it will not slam closed.
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I have installed 3 of 4 drawers successfully. The fourth drawer one side sticks out a little and I cannot figure out why. The unit has all sides at 90. Is there a way to fix the part sticking out a little?
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I have moved the runners forward and backward on both sides. I have also wedged the runners out a little to see if this changes the drawer closing and I am having no success. An suggestions?

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