How Do You Fit An Essex Flange?


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  Flange is a term which is used frequently in the plumbing field and hence is a terminology which is very commonly associated with this field. A flange is an external rib or internal rib which is used for strength. It can also be a plate or a ring used to form a rim at the end of a pipe. There are different types of flanges. Some of the common types of flanges that are used in plumbing are the Surrey flange or Danzey flange, York flange and Essex flange.

  If you want to fit in a an Essex flange then it should be drilled through a hole made in the side of a tank. Cutting a hole in the dome or top side wall is the best way to fit an Essex Flange. There are several types of Essex flanges as well like brass and stainless flanges, compression flanges and flanges with metric compression fitting in various sizes. Check out the site

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