How Do You Fit An Electric Fireplace?


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Fitting or installing an electric fireplace is very easy. You would need certain materials like electric fireplace kit, a drill, a clean lint-free rag, and glass cleaner. First of all choose a location to fit your fireplace. Then arrange all the components of your kit and assemble all of them as per the instructions given with the kit. Then place the wooden cabinet against the wall and remove the glass from the fireplace to remove the box of logs.

Then you should plug in the cord and insert the firebox into the cabinet. Then check out the installation instructions so that you have an idea to place and arrange the logs. Check the logs by turning on the power. After that, turn of the power and put on the glass front. Add the finishing touches and see if everything is properly installed.
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Pammela Bugarin , Ray K. Hairston, answered

An electric fireplace insert log set is easily installed in existing wood or gas hearth.

When your log insert arrives, simply close the chimney vent, remove existing grates, place the unit in the fireplace opening and plug it in.

Electric fireplace inserts may be placed in entertainment centers, media consoles, or cabinets without any provisions for venting.

Electric fireplaces are not only easy to install and will fit into almost any room accenting plan, but they are also a wise budgetary choice.

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