How Do I Know If A Stud Partition Wall Is Loaded Bearing?


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The wall can be hollow whether it is a load bearing or not.....

The best way to see if a wall is load bearing is to see that is above it. If you have an attic above the wall, go up there and see if the ceiling rafters are seamed (overlapped) above your wall...... if that is the case, then it is a load bearing wall. IF you have a second floor above the wall that is in question, then check to see if there is another wall built on top of it. If there is another wall on built directly above it, then it is most likely a load bearing wall. Either way, you can still knock out a portion of a wall, but you need to put in a "HEADER" of adequate size to support the weight of the upper portion. An architect/structural engineer would be able to tell you the appropriate size of header that you will need.

It is always a good idea to get a building permit (approval) when doing a major remodel job like this. You don't want you house to fall down on you (especially during a good thunderstorm with high winds).

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