How Can I Create A New Partition?


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*****WINDOWS XP / NT ******
First of all you should specify what operating system you are using and available to perform this operation.  Since I don't know that I will explain more of Windows XP and NT.

**Go to The control panel and open 'Administrative Tools' then open 'Computer Management';  On the left side of the Computer Management window you will find 'Computer Management (Local) leaf...expand that if it is not already expanded and expand the sub leaf 'Storage' if it is not already in that state then select 'Disk Management'
In a few seconds you will see a list of Volumes appear on the upper right side and a list of Drives on the lower side.  Right clicking on any Partitions or Drives will show a pop up window that will allow you to do what is possible.

**Or you could use the recovery console (cmd.exe) and use the command diskpart.
Here is the syntax for "diskpart":
Diskpart [/add | /delete] [device_name | drive_name |= partition_name] [size]

/add...Creates a new partition.
/delete...Deletes an existing partition.
Device_name...The device on which you want to create or delete a partition....The name can be obtained from the output of the map command.
Drive_name...The partition you want to delete, by drive letter. Used only with /delete.
Partition_name...The partition you want to delete, by partition name. Can be used in place of the drive_name. Used only with /delete.
Size...The size, in megabytes (MB), of the partition you want to create. Used only with /add.

Diskpart /add \Device\HardDisk0 100
This example would create a partition of 100MB on Hard Drive 0

**If this is a new drive and you don't have an operation system on your machine then you need to partition it, fortunately Windows XP Setup will make you aware of this so you will only have to follow the directions.

If you need to use MS-DOS versions or win95 win98 then use the command "fdisk" and follow the instructions.
Here is a link to a help on FDISK:

Try to supply some relevant information in (parenthesis) after your question next time^^.

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