How Do You Fit A Trapdoor To A Cellar?


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  Cellar is a room which is commonly used a storage room below the ground floor or the level of a house. It is like a hidden compartment. Before installing a cellar, you would to survey the location. Trapdoor is hinged or removable panel found in a floor, ceiling, etc. You can also install a trapdoor, but before doing it make sure you done a good survey of that area.

  Trapdoor usually measures around 5 feet to 3 feet depending upon the structural opening. The trap door is fitted by means of a steel frame which fits and supports the door and fits into existing door. A gas strut is also present which keeps the door open at right angels. There is no need of provide mechanical cooling or heating to the cellar. In United States, one can build a cellar in the home as well.

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