How Do I Drill Through Ceramic Wall Tiles To Fit Equipment?


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Alan Clegg answered
Using a small punch or even a nail make a small mark on the tile by placing the point of the punch on the spot where you want to make the hole and hitting the punch lightly with a hammar. This will chip of some of the enamel off the tile thus giving you a grip for the drill bit.

You should use a masonry bit in the drill, using as little pressure as possible.

Make sure that there are no pipes of electric cables in the wall where you are drilling, this could be a big problem.

Otherwise you can put a piece of masking tape on the spot where you want the hole and then mark the exact spot with a pencil, the masking tape (or medical plaster) will act as grip for the drill bit, similar to want I have mentioned above. This is probably a safer way if you are not experienced.


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