Can My Landlord Tell Me That I Cannot Use A Table Top Fan In MY Bedroom?


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It sounds ludicrous. I think the landlord might be concern with the use of electricity. Which is crazy considering a fan doesn't take up too much power.
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Thank you for such a good response!!! But I do want to thank you all for helping me and my friend.  This was the first time I did something like this. I am not a big internet person. But it is a nice feeling that there a people out there willing to help others.  Regarding the question I posted, my friend decided to move to Florida.  Thank you again.  Kelly
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I agree with mscupid.   It's crazy. Like her I'd love to know why your landlord would care if you if you put a table top fan in ANY room of your home. My only advice to you is if it's not in the lease, put table top fans ALL over your home.  To me it does not make sense, you are not changing anything or altering anything so if it is not in your lease, go fan crazy!  Let all of us know what his/her reasoning behind it!
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Thank you for your thought on this. I thought the same thing when she told me, but I said I would look into this situation for her. I feel bad for her cat as well.
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That's a pretty silly rule and I don't think it would hold up in court, but I dont know what the lease says.  There could be some catchall language that makes the landlord think they have that authority.
The landlord could say "I don't want anybody cooking dinner before 8 PM" and "all lights are to be out by 11 PM" .  The landlord would lose in court but they might find a reason to boot your friend out long before.
If he says no table top fans, tell her to get a pedestal fan that sits on the floor (very efficient and inexpensive).
I guess it boils down to "How badly does she need the apt?"  If not too badly, I'd say she should do as she pleases.
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I don't know if I posted my thank you correctly. But I wanted to say Thank You to all the people who took the time to help me and my friend. This is my first time using the internet like this. I have to say again, it is refreshing to know that there are still people out there willing to help another.
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That sounds crazy to me I have never heard of such....what was his reasoning behind this? Do get a lot of answers for this, I'm curious myself because I'd like to know his reasons....great question!
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It is actually a friend of mine and she seems to scared to say anything to him but as soon as she told me I was livid. Especially she has a cat. But I guess people think that they can control girls. So I decided to put the question out there to find out if he can do this. Yes I did get a lot of answers to this question. But I just do not know what I can say to her, I did not get any kind of answers if this is illegal.

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