How To Tile A Bathroom?


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To begin with, choose the tile design and tile patterns carefully. If you are planning to tile a bathroom by yourself, make sure that you know what materials and tools to use. You can choose from a variety of standard tile designs and patterns available in many home-decoration websites and magazines. You can even check in images sections of a search engine for pictures of bathroom tiles. There are some tile manufacturers who specialize in making custom tile designs.

Tiles are either porous or non-porous. While going for a bathroom tile installation, one should ideally choose non-porous ceramic tiles. If your bathroom is on the smaller side and the tiles have designs, then preferably go for smaller sized tiles. It is a good idea to choose contrasting colours for the floor tiles and wall tiles. Also choose the bathroom accessories that compliment the colours of bathroom walls.

To calculate the amount of materials that you would need for tiling your bathroom, take accurate measurements of the total area that you would like to tile. Considering that you know the size and area of the tiles chosen, you can calculate the number of tiles required. Also take into account the gaps between tiles when calculating the number of tiles needed. When calculating, consider more than half a tile as a full tile and less than half tile as a half tile.

While ordering tiles, make sure you order for some extra ones too because some tiles can break during installation while some may need replacement. You may need special tiling tools for bathroom installation. Do not buy those professional tools, especially if you cannot afford them. It makes sense to hire them as you would need them only for a short term usage.
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Before tiling a bathroom yourself their are several areas that need to be looked at. The first is plumbing, decide if the fixtures are going to go with a new tile bathroom or not. Most new fixtures require roughing in before new tile is installed. Second is removal of old tile or whatever is installed in the bath you are tiling. Some tile and other flooring can be laid over at a huge savings. Some just have to come up. So an exact gameplan needs to be determined for proper transitions and areas that require specialty pcs such as bullnosing.

I suggest looking at the latest Home improvement magazines and latest trends . Once you have an idea of what you want take this to your nearest tile center and they will help you in implementing your plan. The latest trend is the bigger the tile the better no matter how small the area. Less grout joints means less problems.
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Grout should be used over the tube
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We're all done tiling the shower and we are in disagreement on which to do .I say grout around the bath-tub . She says caulk around it .
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You need to use Caulk on the bottom of the row on top of the tub lip. Grout will not stick, and if there is any movement it will just crack and flake away. Silicone is designed for this. I would slap my apprentice if he used grout. Good news is though, you can usually by a color matched silicone that matches your grout color, only certain companies make them but, they are available. Cast-iron tub is the only exception in my opinion to grouting between the tub and tile. Use a sealer though!

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