How To Tile Around Toilet ?


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I cut the tiles in a circle around the drain.  I used a Roto Zip with the tile cutting bit.  I'm not sure if one is supposed to bring the tile right up to the edge of the drain, but it worked fine. I had to get a flange extender kit (a plastic ring with a ~1" collar) because the toilet was raised by good half inch.  They also sell extra thick wax rings to help prevent gaps between the commode and the drain.  Make sure you have longer screws to affix the commode to the ground.  I also bought plastic shims while at the hardware store, I did 3 bathrooms, and all of my toilets ended up a little lopsided.  The shims level the commode, prevent rocking and are unobtrusive, just cut away the excess.Here is a link to a

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