My bathroom is 8 x 10, so how many 12 x 12 tiles do I need?


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Helen Johnson answered
Bath area: 8ft X 10ft = 80ft2Tile Area: 12in X 12in i.e. 1ft X 1ft = 1ft2So 80 / 1 = 80
You will need 80 exact tiles for your bath. Have 5-6 extra for damage or mistakes.
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Kira Smart answered

It really depends on what you do, and what is there now, but I would put itnat the very low end of the scale and not expect much in thebway of wow factor. Certainly not a fully tiled room. Check out for more information.

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Arthur Wright answered
8 ft x 10 ft = 80 sq ft    and a 12in by 12in is 1 sq ft  so here you would need 80  and some extra for cutting mistakes
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Mark Mottian answered
Measurments are required to distinguish how many tiles are needed. However, I assume you have taken the measurements for your bath in metres and the measurements of the tile in centimetres. Now calculate what is the area of the bath and a single tile:

Area of Bath = 8m * 10m = 80m2 Area of single tile = 12cm * 12cm = 144cm2
You will notice that the units of measurement for both the objects are different. You have to ensure that both objects are converted to the same unit of measurement before you can do anything. In this case, it would be more convenient to convert to metres, hence

100cm = 1m
144cm = (144/100)m = 1.44m

The number of tiles you require is 80m2/1.44m2 = 55.555... ≈ 56 tiles

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