How Do I Work Out Accurately How Many Tiles I Need To Buy For My Kitchen?


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Calculating the exact number of tiles that you need for your kitchen can be a difficult task. Most people end up purchasing more tiles than they need while others buy less number of tiles. Before you calculate the number of tiles for your kitchen, there are a number of factors that you will need to consider.

You will need to know:

The size of your kitchen.

The size of tiles you intend to use.

The shape of tiles you intend to use.

The first step in calculating the number of tiles you need for your kitchen is measuring the size of your room. Determine the length and width of your room. If you intend to tile your wall, you also need to take measurements for the walls. For a rectangular room, you need to calculate the area of the room to get the size in square feet. If your kitchen is L-shaped, then you will need to divide in to two rectangles and calculate the area of the two separately.

When you know the size of your kitchen, you will need to determine the size of tiles that you will use. The different sizes of tiles are 4'' by 4'', 6'' by 6'', 8''by 8'' and 12'' by 12'' among others. The size of the tiles that you choose determines the number of tiles that you will buy.

You can do calculations of the tiles you will need on Tile Calculator onĀ This calculator allows you to enter the measurement fro your room as well as the tile size then calculate the tiles you need for that room. It is also important to note that the way your tiles will be fixed determines the total number of tiles you will have to buy.

You can purchase 10 percent more tiles to take care of any breakages or miscalculations. If you cannot correctly come up with the estimate on tile calculator for instance, you can call a professional to do it for you to ensure that you get a correct estimate and avoid wastage of resources.
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I have a 23 foot by 14 foot room  how many tiles  if they are 12'x12', and 18'x18' I'm not sure which way of tile I want to go with. I do have 6 box's of 18x 18
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12- 15
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If differs from manufacturer's and the different sizes of tile.
An example of this is that 12x12 inch tile usually comes in 10 pieces per box, while an 11x7 may contain 15 pieces.
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Many home improvement or tile stores will provide a service that estimates the number of tiles you need. Show them a floor plan of the room with the exact measurements (including the location of benches, appliances, etc.) Also, you can get Internet software that lets you estimate the number of tiles you need.

Alternatively, you can do it this way: measure the length and width of the floor. If the room is an irregular shape (not square or rectangular) or you have odd shapes caused by appliances, just divide the room into smaller areas and measure. Figure out the total floor area that needs to be covered with titles by multiplying the width by length. If you've divided the room into several sections, figure out the floor area for each section, then add them all together. To figure out how many boxes of tiles you need, just divide the total square footage area of the room that needs to be tiled by the square footage area that a single box will cover (it will say on the box). Most people who tile purchase an extra box or more to cover any wastage. If you keep your receipt, you may be able to return an unopened box of tiles to the store if you do not use it. Check with the store to find out.
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12+15 room

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