How Many Bundles Of Shingles Do I Need To Buy For My Mobile Home That Is 72 X 15?


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Ok just multiply 72x15 then divide by 100 then you will know how many sq's you have then just see how many bundles come to a sq of the type of shingle you want to put o the roof.
Usually its 3 or 4 bundles per sq. Ok so your answer is 11sq so roughly 44 bundles
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Well multiplying 72 by 15 would only work if it is a flat roof. You would need to measure from the peak to the bottom (a), and times that by two (b), since there are two sides. Then multiply that by 72. That answer is your total roof sq. Ft (c). Divide that answer by 100 for the number of "square"(d) your roof has.Finally take your square(d) and times it by 3 because it takes 3 bundles of 3 tab shingles to cover each square.  For example:  If measurement (a) is 10'.                      10 x 2=20(b)  20x72=1440(c)  1440/100=14.4(d) 14.4x3=43.2  So you would need 44 bundles of 3 tab shingles. Plus caps.
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The steeper the pitch, the more shingles you would need. Simply multiplying your outside wall sq. Ft. Will provide you with inaccurate results unless it is a flat roof, which you would not use shingles on.
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33 bundles.
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72x15=1080 square feet. you need 3 bundles per 100/sq ft so you will need 33 bundles.

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