How Many Shingles Are In A Bundle?


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Gettowork's reply is valuable information, but it doesn't answer the question asked.
  There are 20 shingles in a bundle of GAF/ELK Timberline 30 year shingles.  This can vary with the style, or "profile" of the shingles somewhat, but is the most common number.
  And Guest, you don't ask questions in the answer section of another question.  Start a new question topic.  Also you will need more info to get an answer anyway, such as how many years guarantee you want on those shingles, 25, 30, Lifetime, and what manufacturer, what part of the country, etc.
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Measure all sides of your roof. Width times Length.

Add up all the square footage you have.

Add 10% for waste

If you are using a 20, 25 or 30 year 3-tab, each bundle covers 33 1/3 square feet.

If you are using #1 or #2 cedar shingles, each bundle covers 25 square feet.

Divide the number of square feet you have by either 33.3 or 25 depending on the type of shingle you want.

A side note: Most roofing manufacturers have an upper end shingle. 40 and 50 year laminate composite shingles. These cover less square feet per bundle. Typically 25 square feet. These types of shingles are thicker and will last longer.

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