What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fleas Without Bombing?


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Something my mom always used was 7-dust powder in the house dusting baseboards, under furniture, in seat cushions, and up the vacuum because this is where they breed. You may also want to consider treating your lawn with 7-dust lawn granules. Both are fairly cheap and there are other brands out there as well (that's just the one I remember my mom using) It is usually located in the lawn and garden area in the stores.
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I found Dawn dish detergent kills them quickly on your pet (be careful not to get it in their eyes)  but something else I read said to put dawn dish soap in your sprayer, mix with water, then spray your lawin in the evening. It will kill them in your yard, also the article I read said to add garlic powder to the dog food to repel them, also to sprinkle salt over your carpeted areas, leave it on for a while, then vaccum I haven't tried the salt, but the dawn absolutely works (its Great) and it is a lot cheaper than wasting your money on the flea sprays. Also a great repelent is Avons Skin So Soft, and If its in your carpet I would get a steam cleaner and shampoo them, if you want to hire someone to shampoo, then tell them the problem you are having and they have something they can use as well.
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Scratch. After all, that's the advice of the poets:

There was a young girl from old Natchez
Whose garments were covered in patches.
When comment arose
On the state of her clothes
She replied, "When Ah itches, Ah scratches."

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We have good luck with brewers yeast . The little buggers hate it . It won't kill them but they will stay away.

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