Is Salt And Water Good For Killing Fleas In Carpets?


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Do not use water and salt, JUST SALT, water mixes with salt and makes your carpets dry out, get nasty and hard salt also rusts metal if its wet.
Yes, salt works, I have used it.
It has to be fine ground for this to work----sprinkle on your carpets evenly (took me 2 cans to do a 2 bedroom apartment) leave it on for about a week unless you live in a humid place, then its less time.
You don't want ANY water to mix with the salt.
Vacuum, wait a week and repeat if needed.
You also need to be using some type of flea product on your pets for this to work.
The fleas have an oil on their skin that the salt sticks to.
The salt rubs as they move or jump causing a wound to open up, it dries them out which kills them.
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You don't need water with the salt. Just sprinkle salt liberally all over the carpet and wait about a week- then vacuum the salt up. You may want to do it a couple times. The fleas and larvae get scratched by the salt crystals and then the dehydrate and die. It is one of the best Natural ways to kills fleas! You don't need flea spray-fleas spray chemicals are actually hazardous to both you and your pets. Flea sprays can cause severe breathing problems for your pets and you. If you do decide to use a chemical spray make sure your animals are not around the treated are for at least 12 hrs. And if you can completely clean the treated area before allowing your pets back into that area. Hope this helps!

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No salt water will not kill fleas
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Salt will rust the nails on you carpet tac strips and anything metal that it contacks. Powder detergent is supposed to work. The best thing I found is to us advantage or another flea killer on the pets . You need to do it all at once the yard house and pets.
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Not sure about salt and water but, and this sounds crazy, if you place a small fat candle (like a votive) in a saucer with water in the sauce (candle in middle, water all around)...light the candle, turn out the lights in the room, place saucer in center of room on the floor (carpet) the fleas are attracted to the candlelight and will jump towards it, drowning themselves in the water. This truly does work, I've done it and have many friends who have also. Of course, depending on how bad your flea population is, you may have to use several candle/saucer combos in a room.
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Salt is an excellent way to get rid of fleas in an out of your house. Veterans use salt to sterilize their floors all the time, Overnight you have to vacuum up the area to pick up the dead fleas and remaining salt that you applied on the area. Also Advantage is also good to have for your pets to ensure they don't get in your house again.
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No it is not go to a wal-mart and get some shampoo for your carpet to kill  fleas it really work but I forgot the name of it so you would have to ask someone that works there to help you look for a carpet cleaner that kills fleas

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No I don't think you are adopting a good idea. You need insect killer spray or there are flea and insect killing powders in the market. You can spread them under and at edges of the carpet.
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Ive have used 2 cans of flea spray around the house and put bombs in every room but still can't get rid of them I'm thinking of riping up all the carpets as my children are getting bitten all the time what else can I do ?????

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