Can I Put Wallpaper Over Tiles In A Bathroom?


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Yes you can wallpaper over tiles there is a water proof paper for kitchen and bathrooms I have done my kitchen and bathroom and it is still on after 5 yrs you have to use a very strong paste
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I agree with Ryanna. Thats actually commin sence (not being mean) but oh my god! Wallpaper over Tiles in a Bathroom.... Hello have you ever watched HGTV! Thats like a big NO NO!!! LOL!!!

Ok, but yea it won't stick. The wallpaper would probably slide off it and it wont dry probably.
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No it won't stick. If you want to wallpaper you will probably have to remove the tile and scrape off the adhesive and then put up drywall and then put up paper.
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The answer could very well be YES depending on how wet it will get. Obviously you can't put it in the shower. But if your bathroom is not continually steamy and humid it is worth a try. You can EXPERIMENT first and it will cost under $20.00.

What you need to do is get paintable wallpaper.  You can buy a roll  for about $12.00.  It's textured and kind of foamy and pliable so the tile grout lines will not show through. The un-pasted version worked for me. Also get this wallpaper adhesive - Golden Harvest 1-Qt. Universal Wallpaper Adhesive  from Home Depot for about $6.00. This is not your grandmas potato starch paste. It is composed of highly engineered polymers that will stick to any surface but Teflon and Tedlar.  People forget that this is 2013. There are adhesives can stick wallpaper to tile.

Wash the tile with whatever. Just make sure it is squeaky clean and bone dry. Apply the paste to the wall and then a square of wallpaper (maybe I foot square in size) to the wall following the directions that came  with the wallpaper. Press it down good and wait. Wait for it to dry. See if it stays up after showering and drying hair and whatnot.

If the wall paper does stick and I believe it will then you can make an informed decision based on real evidence whether or not to go ahead with the project. Be sure that you use clear silicon to seal any edges of paper that will get wet. You can paint the wallpaper with latex paint to protect it further and maybe use molding around it to further seal it. Use waterproof PVC molding found and Home Depot.

(The thing is nobody that answered you has ever tried to put wall paper over tile. So how do they KNOW it can't be done?)

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Yes, ofcourse you can put wallpapers over tiles in a bathroom  for that you need to use sanitary (wipeable) wallpapers with is excellent  in water resistance. The best option is to use vinyl wallpaper. If you want to increase the adhesive strength of wallpapers in bathrooms then you can also add some (like 20%) dispersion adhesive to your regular wallpaper paste this can takes a long time to dry and also harden than wallpaper paste.

Bathrooms are under the category of “damp rooms”, where steam comes from hot baths and showers which can increases the air humidity considerably. For that the correct ventilation in bathrooms is very important.

There are three methods of wallpapering tiled bathroom walls using beautiful patterned wall décor which will transform your old bathroom into stylish and new looking  bathroom.

Method 1: You have to Remove old tiles, re-plaster the wall, and apply wallpaper.

Method 2: You can also Smooth over tiled walls, and then apply wallpaper which is also a great option.

Method 3: One more thing you can do is Mounting the gypsum plasterboard from a surface for hanging wallpapers.

By these methods you can stick wallpaper to tile.You can also buy tiles that looks more stylish and amazing which don't need any wallpapers and can also safe in bathrooms. ABI Interiors is best in selling high-quality bathroom tiles, floor tiles. And many more products.

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I think the answer may well be yes, depending on how wet it gets. Obviously, you cannot put it in the shower. But if your bathroom is not very wet and humid, it is worth a try, but do not forget about the good quality wallpapers from this site  I personally really helped)

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Ok just trying to take a short cut ( I guess a big one) lol! Thanks guys

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