Can I Assemble Tile Over Plywood Counter Top?


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If you are installing a kitchen or bathroom countertop, recommend that you screw 3/4 inch plywood to the top of the cabinets, then use an apoxy glue to lay 1/2 inch concrete board over top of the plywood. Do make sure that your plywood is not warped. You will want at least 1 and 1/4 inch thickness for your counter top and you need the concrete board on top to protect against warping. Especially where water is present.  If you lay tile straight over the plywood, you will most likely end up with plywood warping, which will lead to countertop becoming uneven and popped up tiles.
Suggest that you lay the plywood and concrete board, then tile the edges first unless you are planning to use sink rails.
Use tile mastic and a small toothed tile trowel when laying the tile.
  Always remember your focal points when tiling the edge. Especially if there is an inside corner on the counter top.
  Measure the countertop and lay out your tile before actually setting it in order to get an idea of how it will look. Would not space the tiles any wider than 1/8 inch apart.
The tile size is your preference, but remember that bigger tiles will give a cleaner look. 12x12 looks really nice on kitchen countertops. 6x6 on smaller bathroom counters looks good. It is really a matter of what you like concerning size.
  One more thing: If your counter is an L shape, be sure to install the boards over the longest area first, then fit the smaller. You will want a 2 and 1/2 inch lip out past the cabinets.
  If you have an open area on the counter, which is not up against any wall,  you can bring the back side out 11 or 12 inches for barstool space, or just measure the old counter before ripping it out.
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Absolutely! You need to make sure that the plywood is plenty thick and sturdy (like maybe 3/4"), and most of all, flat. If the plywood is going to have any tendency to bend even slightly, the tiles may start to come loose.

the flatter and sturdier the plywood is, the better your results will be.
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Absoulutly not. The grout line between the tile will remain pouris and water will be able to seep through. You will either need to lay down a water proof membrane down first of backer board such as duro rock

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