How To Remove Melted Plastic From Carpet?


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This is easily remedied. All you need is a few brown paper bags (if you don’t have brown paper bags, wax paper is a good alternative and you can find it in most supermarkets) and an iron.

If the paper becomes overly coated with plastic or wax, you should replace it with new paper until all of the mess is absorbed into paper and removed from the other surface. The paper and plastic or wax will be very hot! When you are finished, make sure to let them cool in a safe place before you dispose of them. Also - be sure to test a small, or not as easily noticeable, area of the fabric or carpet first - you don't want to melt them.

Before you get the iron, depending on the size of the melted plastic, you could actually just go at it with a hairdryer - on its highest setting and melt it off, and use a butter to scrape it out. After that, use oven cleaner spray. Spray it on the melted patch, leave it to set and then try gently tugging/dragging it out of the carpet hairs. This might actually work better on smaller melted patches, but the only downside is that you may end up with a bald patch on your carpet!  Nail varnish remover is also a good one - but this one only has maximum effect if you apply it straight away before the melted plastic has time to set. The properties of acetone allow it to break down the plastic making it easier to clean.
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Snip around with a pair of sissors. Gather clean matching carpet fibers and tactfully as possible glue the fibers in. This only works well in small.areas of damage.

If you can find a discreet piece of carpet in the back of the closet. You might be able to.cut out a square and patch it. Fluffing the fibres at the edges.

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Carpets are plastic fibres ,so its ruined,you might get some out with a butter knife scrapping it out or a hot iron with brown paper laid over the mark.
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It is very easy process. To remove the melted plastic from the carpet the essential things are - brown paper bag, iron. Take the iron and plug it into an outlet. Let it be hot, mean time cover the melted plastic area with brown paper bag. Now apply the hot iron on the brown paper. Now uncover the area and check it. If required apply the same process again. You will get melted plastic or wax free carpet. When you have carpet at your home, you must take care of this properly and also clean the carpet in a right way. Cleaning carpet will make your carpet band new and also makes your home clean.

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