What Is Adhesive Lamination?


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Adhesive lamination is a process of joining two substrates together it is usually done by coating any one substrate with an adhesive and then by sticking it to the other substrate under heat and pressure. There are two basic types of adhesive laminations one is called dry lamination and the other is called wet adhesive lamination in dry adhesive lamination the adhesive is coated on the substrate and it then dried out in the oven under some heat.
Since adhesive is a polymer which is used in the form of a solution, so during the process of drying whatever solvent is used is evaporated into the atmosphere. Once the solvent is removed the adhesive is now capable enough to bond to the substrates. With the dried adhesive the substrates bond to each other. The adhesive needs some time to cure before it could achieve the final bond strength; normally duration of 24 to 48 hours is required for good bonding between the adhesives.
The adhesives used in normal industry are polyurethane adhesive however acrylic adhesives are also in use. Even within each of these categories there are types like aromatic and aliphatic adhesives which provide different features like flexibility heat resistance and chemical resistance etc.

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