How Can I Get Paint Out Of Clothes?


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Following are some idea or tips that one can try.
• When the pain fall on the cloths then take quick action and mark the stain, never rub a stain. By rubbing the stain goes deeper into the fabric.
• Soak in cold water for few minutes.
• Soak the area with a laundry spray stain remover. Wait for couple of minutes to allow the spray to penetrate in the clothes. After that rub with a liquid laundry detergent and then wash directly in hottest water which is safe for the fabric.

• For the leftover color, wash in chlorine or oxygen bleach if safe for the fabric
• For grave stains, use dry-cleaning solution to the back side of the stain over white, sponge or absorbent paper towels. Let it dry after that wash and do as above mention point.
• If nothing helps then use few drops of alcohol on the stain and rub it. The stain will be removed with out leaving any color or spot.
NOTE: Before washing the material always read and follow the care instructions written in the garment label.
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1. First get  bucket of Water then Soak it in the Water for about 10 min after you are done with that 2.Flatten it out and spray it with Hair spray. 3. Wait for 1 hour until the spray is gone. Repeat number 2 and 3 five times.
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Get soap and wash it in soapy and bleach water soak for a long period of time rince and repeat

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