How Do You Get Fragrance Oil Out Of Clothing?


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Well if you have poured fragrance oil on your clothes then you can get rid of that oil from the clothes. First of all you need to look if there is any big spot on your cloths then first remove that big spot from the clothes then you go for the next thing. So just take some good stain remover which is famous in the market and make the solution so that you can easily maintain the color and quality of your clothes.

First you need to get off from the stain mark and then wash the clothes so that the stains and fragrance of the oil goes at the same time. So just take a cotton piece of cloth or a towel which can be used in order to rub the spot from the clothes. Just dip the towel in the solution which is made by the stain remover and rub the spot on your cloth so that the color of the spot transfers to your shirt.

So when the spot disappear you should wash your clothes from some good detergent so that the fragrance can also be removed.

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