How Do I Get Bleach Out Of My Clothes?


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If they are colored clothes that have bleach on them...I found nothing to get it out...if its just the smell...wash them in warm water and rinse twice.
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You can't unless you die it the same color it was which is what I have to do with my new dress that I cleaned the bathroom with!!! How dumb of me!!!
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You can't get bleach out.
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I agree you can't get Bleach out - Bleach actually strips the colour out of any material and nothing will replace it!
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This isn't going to make you happy, but once bleach gets on colored clothes, it bleaches that color away.  Even if you wash the chlorine out of the clothing, the color won't return.  Just go ahead and wash the clothing the regular way to get the odor out. 
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You can't. What you can do is dye your clothes whatever color you like. There are two other solutions, 1. The rag pile, 2. Wear them as they are. Personally, I would dye them.
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I tried to dye something with bleach on but the dye didn't take on the bleached area!
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Getting a bleach stain out of a cloth is an impossible job. You see the stains that are left by bleaches are not stains that are left over the cloth in fact they are stains left by sucking out the colour from the cloth. The only ting left to do in these situations is to dip your cloth into a dye of the same shade as it was before and pull it out once its dyed and then you can dry it.

You can't do this at home so you can probably go to the cleaners or people who professionally dye clothes. This will cost you about a 3-5 pounds or even less depending on the place where you are doing it from. If you are staying at a hotel then you can get it done from the cleaners there too.

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