How Can You Get Lithium Grease Off Clothing?


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There are a few things you can try to get lithium grease off clothing, but none of them are completely guaranteed to work.  Nevertheless, here are your best bets, in my opinion:

  1. You could try a product called Spot Shot.  It's a carpet stain remover, but has been used by many as a way to remove stubborn grease stains from clothing.  Be aware that this may actually make the stain worse on rare occasions.
  2. Do not rub in circular motions to remove the grease.  Instead, you should simply dab the area with something absorbent, such as a paper towel.  Once you got as much of the grease out as possible, wash the clothing in a washing machine as usual.
  3. Washing up liquid can help in removing lithium grease from clothing.  Apply the paper towel as noted earlier, and then add some dish washing detergent to tackle the grease.  After it's saturated the clothing you should wash it as per usual. 

You're going to struggle removing lithium grease from clothing, but you may have some luck with the above methods.  There are usually special detergents in supermarkets that state they help to remove grease.  As to the actual effectiveness of these products, I'm not entirely sure whether they're good or bad.  Hopefully the grease isn't too stubborn!

Here's a video showing another method of grease removal:

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