How To Get Dried Up Gum Out Of Clothing?


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To get dried-up gum out of your clothing, you must first try to pull it bit by bit off the clothing. It is advisable to try and pull off the gum in one piece. Then you should wash it in water and soap. There is another method which is commonly used to get dried-up gum out of your clothing. According to this method, the dry clothing is sealed in a plastic bag and kept in the freezer.

When the garment is frozen, it must be taken out of the freezer and the gum must be scraped off gently with the help of a dull knife. If it does not work, the excess gum must be scraped off with a dull knife and then the area must be rubbed with ice until the extra gum rolls into a ball. There are some natural extracts of citrus peel which may also be effective in removing the gum out of your clothes. However, it must be tested on a separate piece of cloth so that the colours do not run.
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There is a spray product called Goo Be Gone or Goo Gone. It works wonderfully! Simple and Easy!

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