What Do You Know About The Amish Clothing, And Laundry Practices?


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This is a very interesting question. The Amish are very conservative and simple people.

They make all of their own clothing in their homes. They are not allowed to use buttons of any kind, and use pins to keep their clothing closed! Can you imagine going somewhere away from the Amish Country and using a pin to keep your dress or shirt closed?

The women must keep their covered at all times and men wear plain felt or straw hats when outside of the house. Dresses are long, and full.

It is interesting to travel on a Monday morning through an Amish town on a sunny day. You do not need a calendar to know it is Monday. Every home has long clothesline of perfectly hung clothing to dry. Some lines are on the porches, others in the yard. Sometimes you will see garments hanging across big wooden frames.

I took a picture the last time I went there. One lady had run out of room on her lines, and had hangers with dressed hung on the branches of a tree. That was an unusual and wonderful scene. What a unique way to do laundry. It makes me feel guilty every time I throw my own clothes in the dryer.

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