Can You Paint Over Ceramic Tile And If So What Is The Best Way To Do So?


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Yes, you can paint over ceramic tile, but you will need to roughen the surface up with a light sanding and use an epoxy spray paint.
There are professionals who specialize in this type of painting. Not sure where you live, but here in Florida the price range for such a job in an average size bathroom is around $150.00.
 There is a product on the market now that you can use to apply directly over your ceramic tile to achieve a stone look. I saw it on HGtv and it looked really nice once the project was completed.
Not sure where you can purchase it at though. Maybe a home supply store.
They also make a product that can be applied right over top of formica countertops, which gives them the look of slate. I believe the Home Depot carries that particular product.
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Thank you very much for your information. I am currently trying to remodel without a lot of cost. I thought I had seen painting ceramic tile on HGTV before but was starting to doubt myself. Thank you again

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