How Do You Fit A Window Extractor Fan?


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  Extractor fan is used in regulation and elimination of unwanted air. It can be installed either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. It will help in maintaining a good positive influential impact on the environment. Before you go ahead with the installation process make sure you have turned off the electricity supply from the mains. You can go for a fused connection unit if you would like to install an extractor fan in the kitchen. This can be done at the work surface level.  You will have to run a cable to an outlet which is present next to the fan from the fused connection unit.

  If you would like to install the extractor fan in the bathroom, the installation can be done through a ceiling mounted cord which can be pulled and which also has a double pole switch. Surface switch should not be used in the bathroom as there is a great chance of serious safety hazards which may lead to critical injury.

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