Bathroom Mold On Walls And Ceiling. Can Anyone Help Me?


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Your last question is the most important. You should determine where the water is coming from to cause the mold. Usually mold is found on a wall in a bathroom but it could be an outside house wall that had a fleshy plant drawing water into the wall, or water damage caused by watering outside plants. So investigate the source first, otherwise there is no point in correcting an ongoing problem.

You may have to cut out a square of the dry wall to find the source of the leak, which is no problem - it can be repaired.

To treat the wall mold, mix up water and bleach in a one (bleach) to four parts (water) and sponge this over the area to kill the mold. Let this dry and then repeat the bleach process.
You need to tear the drywall out and replace it. if there is that much mold there really is nothing you can do. and mold will make you sick so you need to take care of the problem pretty quick.
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My bathroom wall has been broken by the shower for 4 months or more and now my
children and I are experiencing sickness what do I do

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