How To Get Cigarette Burn Off Of Linoleum Floor?


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It is not possible to remove the cigarette burn mark from your linoleum floor. Even though it cannot be fixed, you can replace the damaged area/section and replace it with a scrap piece from a less noticeable area like under the refrigerator or at the back of a closet. You may have to cut off the affected area and put a patch there as a replacement. It will be easier to conceal the patch if you have the same pattern. If, you have an extra piece trashed in your garage, nothing likes it. Otherwise, use a putty knife to scarp out the damages and the replacement piece. Try and remove as much adhesive residue as you can. Apply fresh adhesive on the back of the replacement piece and position it over the spoiled area carefully. You cab use bricks or any other heavy material to hold the patch down till the adhesive sets.
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I'm so screwed if i don't get this burn out of our brand new linoleum floor. Its only 4weeks old, and I shouldn't of been smoking in there while i'm on this pain medication that makes me fall asleep..just outta the blue. It's not a big burn but its a deep one.. omg help me. I scrubbed it with a nail file..which got some of it off..but you can plainly see its a cigarettes burn. I might as well get a gun and pull the trigger. I'm dead anyway... I'm 42 and No kids or anyone else lives with us to blame it on.. I was thinking my hair straightener might be believable.. then again.. people know a cigarettes burn when they see one.
We'll probably break up over this.. so I need to fixed it or get gun. no joke.
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Bahhah ..Start with sanity, the rest of life's solutions comes naturally.
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Burn it even worse with an iron, just say you got a shock from the iron(have ironed clothes handy and an iron with molten plastic on it) he can't shout at you if was an electrical fault

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