How Do I Get Old, Dried Candle Wax Off Linoleum Flooring? It's Probably Been There For Two Months.


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If you put an ice cube on the wax and get it very cold, you should be able to scrape the wax off with a credit card or something with that type of edge. You should not use a knife or butter knife because you could damage the finish on the linoleum.
If there is some residual wax left on the floor in the grooves of the floor, you could try putting an old towel down on top of it and go over it with a warm iron. This will melt the wax onto the towel and you can get it off the floor.
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Getting dried candle off a linoleum floor is very easy but you have to be careful so that you don't burn or damage the floor in the process. The first step would be to chip or scrap off as much wax off the surface as possible. You can use a blunt knife for this purpose. Place a number of paper towels over the remaining wax. Apply warn iron to the paper towel. This would melt the wax and simultaneously it will be absorbed by the towels. Replace the towels and repeat the process if necessary.
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You can use a blow dryer to loosen the wax. Then carefully remove with an old cloth.
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Lay ice cubes on it. When you think it's frozen all the way through, it should pop right off the floor. You might have to use something like the dull side of a kitchen knife to pry it loose.
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If you believe an iron could be harmful to your lino.... Purchase a specialized cleaning product from ace or aco hardware they have it and the product name slips my mind ... Instructions say to put a small amount of liquid on area wait 1 minute and blot with tissue... Do not wipe.. Repeat... Works great call and they will tell you what isle it is in... Kr.
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Achia's answer is very good. You can also use a paper bag instead of paper towels. It's easier to see when the wax comes off.
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You probably should reheat it. Maybe heat something that want catch fire but will conduct the heat.

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