How Can I Tell If My Electric Water Heater Is Working?


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Hi  I just put in a new heater how can I tell if I'm getting power with out a meter
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Check whether the electrical switch is flipped or if any breakers are blown. Assuming this is the case, supplant the blown breakers and sit tight around a hour for the water to warm up. In the case of nothing's happened, continue to the following step.

Slaughter the electrical board power, evacuate the breakers, bolt the board, and tell everybody in the house that you are going to chip away at your water radiator circuit.

Next, uproot the entrance board and clean up the protection, with the goal that you can improve take a gander at the controls and warming component. At that point examine the high temperature limit switch, indoor regulator, and warming component for clear issues, for example, remainders of a flame or broken parts.

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If your water is either only warm or cold and never Gets hot your elements are gong bad and need replacing
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It takes about 30 minutes for the water to heat up enough for you to check

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