Can I Use Propane With My Natural Gas Water Heater?


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Not without an approved conversion kit
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The thermodynamic process that uses any energy source to heat water beyond its original temperature is the basic application of a water heater. Typically, hot water is used for cooking and bathing and cleaning. In industries hot water is put to a number of uses.

There are a number of energy sources that are commonly used for heating water. Some commonly used fossil fuels include natural gas, oil and LPG or liquid petroleum gas. The fuels are either used directly or via the medium of electricity. Alternative energy resources are also used, like solar energy and geothermal power. They are usually used in a combination, with gas or oil or electricity.

Propane gas water heaters give you more hot water and that too at a more affordable price. This is one of the reasons why millions of homes now use propane to heat water for showers, washing machines and even dishwashers. Propane water heaters are up to 30 percent less expensive to operate than the regular electric heaters and they have a recovery rate that is nearly twice as fast as any electric water heater.

Over an average unit's life span, which is approximately 10 years, propane gas water heaters can save a household more than $2,300, in comparison to any similarly sized electric unit.

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