Does A Pool Heater Need A Larger Propane Tank? Our Propane Guy Suggests That Our 100lb Tank Will Not Supply Enough Propane Gas To Feed The Heater Properly And Recommends A 320lb.


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He's right. Even if you had the smallest pool heater that is 100,000 btu, your 100lb cylinder is not big enough to supply enough vapor to support combustion. Your tank would turn into a ball of ice within 15 min. If he suggested a 320 gallon tank, you must have at least a 250,000 btu pool heater. Here's another fact here is how much gas you can expect to use. For every 100,000 btu you suck 1 gallon of liquid propane out of your tank if it runs for 1 continuous hour (which it will in spring to heat the water to 78 or fall to keep it at 78). If your pool heater is 250,00, you use 2.5 gallons per hour . 350,000 you use 3.5 gal and so on.
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I was given a purex/triton 400 pool  heater propane. The inside panel states 14 IN presure with 250 psi max. Can I rig up a small 5 gal tank to run it for a few hours or how ever long it lasts. How much presure does a 5 gal tank output ? . Obviously a bar-b-que regulator is not enough.  The input pipe was 3/4 inch, I stepped it down to 3/8 to attach tank.  How small of tank  can I rig to make it work ?
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My 100lb tank works fine with my 100,00btu heater. There are 23 gallons of fuel in the tank. The heater burns 1.1 gallons per hour. That doesn't give you much to work with but it will heat just fine, just not very long, less than 24 continuous hours. A bigger tank means less trips to refill the tank. Our local suppliers won't send out a truck for less than a 250lb fill up.
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I bought a 100k btu Pentair pool heater. Bought a 100lb propane dependent will fill with 24-25 gallons of propane.That will last me or has lasted me over one day burning at 1.1 gallons an hour.  It runs the 100 btu pool heater just fine. I upgraded my solar cover to 8 gauge, that the thickest on the market. I found a company where I live in upstate NY that added a 100 lb tank for me,  with a dual regulator. I have only had them back to the house once to fill or switch out the tanks. One will work just fine . My pool is in the sun most of the day. The water has been 80-82 . Memorial day weekend it was 59 at night  for the low. I shut off heater with solar cover on water dropped to 76...ran heater for hour n half , two hours water was back to 82...I dont have my heater at the highest setting either which comes into play when burning the propane off. My dial is at " two oclock " at the furtherest as there is no need to make it warmer. The only other thing I will say is I am a  "do it yourself "er" " and research first ...alot of people shouldnt mess with gas unless you are comfortable with it...Happy Summer

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I have a Hayward 150,000 btu heater and it runs fine with my 100 lb
tank.  I put a high pressure regulator on the tank and the heater has a
low pressure regulator. I used 1/2 in flexible hose.  It will fire right
up as needed.  It is a 27 ft round above ground pool.  I ran it all
night when I first installed it and it warmed the water up
problems.  I made a black tubing solar heater last year that works
pretty well so I don't plan on relying solely on the propane...hence the
100 lb tank.  In the winter I can use that same tank to fuel my gas log
set in the kitchen.

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Can I rig my natural gas water heater to burn propane from something like those Rhino tanks? Take out a nipple from the drip leg,for instance, and screw in some kind of hose that attaches to a small propane tank?

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