How To Hook Up A Propane Pool Heater?


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You can hook up a propane pool heater without outsourcing for a subcontractor or pool installer/repairman. The trick to hooking up your own propane pool heater is to understand the steps you must follow during installation. To get started, create a smooth, even surface for the propane tank, right near the rest of your pool accessories. A heavy, solid base is preferable to hold your pool heater in position. If you are installing a gas pool heater, makes sure it's near a gas line, or you'll have to set up more line to service your new propane pool heater.

Other Instructions For Hooking Up A Pool Heater

• Take the heater out of its packaging and lay it on its foundation. You won't need to bolt the system down, as it's already very weighty, and this heft will keep it in place. When you've completed this step, you'll need to use a saw to cut out room for a few elbow joints; these will be used to make sure water stays away from the machine's sensitive mechanisms.
• Run the pump line through your propane pool heater input, and then attach the feed return line to the output. Any prepared piping should be put in place with vinyl adhesives.
• To finish, you'll need to retain the services of a certified electrician; this person will take care of powering up your unit with the right breaker panel and wires. You may also need a gas tech to get natural gas flowing to your pool heater. When you try to do these tasks yourself, you are taking a risk, as a botched procedure could result in explosions, electrocutions, and injuries.

Once everything is in place, you can turn on the unit and test its properties. In no time at all, you'll have a perfect heated pool that really makes swimming a pleasure...even on chilly or overcast days.
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Knowing the basic nuances of how to choose pool heater will allow you to buy a product so that you can use the pool not only in the heat. However, there is a large variety of such devices in the store, among which it is difficult to find the perfect one. When choosing a water heater take into account whether the pool is year-round or only in the spring and summer. The capacity of the heater depends on the amount of water placed in the bowl. The design features of the pool (whether it is closed or open, whether it has been insulated, etc.) are necessarily taken into account.

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