Can I Run My Rainwater Gutter Into My Soil Pipe (sewer Pipe)?


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Most municipalities outlaw the emptying of surface water into the sewer system. The reason being then that water has to be processed through the complicated and costly treatment plant. Also the huge volume involved with a downpour rainstorm or a long protracted rain, simply overwhelms the system, sometimes directly causing the total overflow of the treatment plants holding/processing tanks. Here is the real trouble starts, untreated human waste goes into the river or lake that normally only has treated water placed into it.

The roof leader, the pipe moving the storm/rain water should be contained in a pipe and let to drain onto your lawn or into a buried dry well or if your town has a separate municipal storm water system with street manhole, slope the ground so the water can flow to that manhole/storm catch basin.
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Maybe you should not run it to the soil pine/sewer pipe? Once it clogged, you will have a major problem and plus sewer pipe, depends on where you live, is a government thing/property??? I might be wrong, but I know it is connected with all the seweges within the neighborhood. Please send your debate - I also want to clear this. Thanks a lot.
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The soil pipe your gutter is connected to is probably draining into the yard. You can examine the yard for an outlet but I doubt it is tied into the sewer. If it is tied into the sewer than disconnect it and cap off the sewer line.
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I am starting a new business and I need to know where my sewer lines are

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