How Do I Remove Mildew/mold From The Plastic Water Tank That Snaps To The Back Of My Senseo Coffee Maker? A Sponge Will Not Get All They Way Down And Around The "Male" Valve At The Bottom.


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Funny you should ask. I had the same problem so I tried a bottle washer with about a cup of vinegar in the reservoir. It did a pretty good job but I wasn't completely satisfied since some was still left in those hard to reach places. Soooo ... I called Senseo to ask how to clean it and whatever they told me I'd already attempted so they sent me a new one at no charge.
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One more thing ... You may want to try a mildew remover. Lysol makes one and there's probably an assortment at your grocery store... Perhaps even a "green" one" made with citric acid. Just be sure that after you try any remover, rinse out all the chemical remains.

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