How Do I Install A Garage Door Cable?


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Working with spring pressure is hazardous. I would first suggest that you see the risks and notices portrayed in our instructional exercise on torsion spring substitution.

The least complex arrangement would be to embed a twisting bar in the twisting cone of the spring, slacken the set screws, and let the flip side of the winding bar lean against the highest point of the entryway. Do this to both springs on the off chance that you have two springs. The pole will be allowed to turn and you can supplant the links and reset and secure your link drums.

To reset your spring pressure take after the important strides for reinstalling the carport entryway links and winding the springs.

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  1. Step on the high (lifted) side of the door with foot and push
    down, applying pressure to move door down to a level position. Secure
    door down with two vice grips to level the door.

  2. Remove
    damaged cable and it will need to be replaced if frayed or kinked. You
    should never reinstall a cable because they will continue to spool off.
    Replacement parts are available at your local door dealer, such as
    Overdoors of Illinois.

  3. Attach
    new cable to bottom bracket, run the cable behind the hinge, up to the
    cable drum. Loosen the set screws on the cable drum and run the cable
    into the drum to match the opposite side, tighten the set screws.

  4. Raise and lower the door to make sure the door is tracking evenly and resting flat to the floor.
  5. Minor adjustments to one or both cables may be necessary to ensure proper operation

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