How Do I Build Shelves Over Garage Door?


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It's  rather dangerous to give out plans, without knowing any specifics.  Some structural engineering should be done to calculate the loads, and size the beams, particularly if you're putting in a large loft.  You could have a serious structural failure and possibly a very hazardous collapse (which is bad).

There are some lightweight wire shelving systems that can be installed.  Keep the weight down and you won't have an overloading issue. 

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Just remember how weight can add up. If you have 32 square feet at 40 pounds per square foot, that's 1280 pounds! Add to that the weight of the platform itself, and you can see how important your hangar connections are. I used 40 lbs/sf because it's a common load number used in structural calculations. And lumber is pretty cheap, so don't skimp on it. A 2 x 4 is way too light unless you know you're only using it for light storage, and that always ends up carrying something heavier with time, A rule when sizing beams used as headers (for over doors and windows) is to use one inch of height to every foot of span. I have 2 x 4 rafters in my garage so I don't dare put much on top of them.
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Thanks again for the help. I have to tell you, I'm getting worried about dropping ANYTHING from the ceiling! By headers, do you mean the support hanging from the ceiling or the edges of the platform?
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Headers are beams within walls used over a door or window. I provided that as a comparison of a conservative design. A 2x6 is significantly stronger (2.4 times) than a 2x4, since the modulus increases with the square of the height and only linearly with the width. Build it strong so you won't lose any sleep worrying.
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I would avoid putting up storage or shelves on the same wall as the door to be honest. In any case, there are 3 other walls and panels that you can make use of for that! You don't want to fool around near or around the mechanics of your garage door in case things get jammed or damaged while you're installing.

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Steve Osinski, you should count everything, and to measure all the sides, especially if your garage doors have different automation mechanisms, to avoid breakages in the future. Anyway, if you would have any breakage, you can always contact garage door repair service which I always use ( here: ). These guys know for sure how to fix any problem with almost any garage door, and will do their best.

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