My Gas Hot Water Heater Won't Stay Lit More Than Two Minutes After Lighting It, And Won't Light On It's On To Heat Up The Water Unless I Light It. WHY? It Is Only Three Years Old.


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May have a bad thermostat.Kinda rare,but does happen.Might turn thermostat on and off and see if there is a poof when burner kicks off.Is this a older heater or a newer model that has a enclosed burner?If this a whirlpool water heater,will explain a lot,hope I helped
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Hi mommydale,

I hate cold showers too!

You should call your local gas company and ask them. They will generally send someone out at no charge to you to check the water heater because it sounds like it could be a hazardous condition - the build up of gas or carbon monoxide. And let's face facts here mommydale, they want us to be around for a good, long time so they can collect from us monthly! LOL.

Please let us know how this turns out for you.

Blessings to you and yours.
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I did call the gas company. They came out and lit the heater charged me
$58 for that, then it went out shortly after they left.
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Is the water heater still under warranty? Check -- ours was just out of warranty and we were able to get it pro rated by the company and that's how we got our new one.
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If it is in a drafty area of your house, that could be the problem.
The pilot light is very low and if air can get in around the cover plate it can cause the flame to extinguish.
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Check your pilot it should be a steady shape also it should envelope the tcouple jim

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