How Do You Wire Two-way Switches?


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There are three points in each switch; connect the top and bottom of one to the other with two wires. The midpoint of any one will be connected to a positive wire of the mains; the remaining midpoint will go to the device with a negative of the mains.
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A two way switch usually has three live terminals, they are L1, L2 and common. Make sure that you are using a harmonized cable. The earth wire should be linked with the earthing points.

For the connection of a two way switch it is necessary to have a length of three core and earth cables which are lengthy enough so that they can reach the present light switch to the spot where you plan to fix the second switch. After passing the first switch from the second, you will have to arrange the cable. Now detach the wire which has been fixed in the common terminal and fix it in the L2 terminal. Usually there are no set regulations as to which wire goes where.

The most important thing to be kept in mind is that the common needs to have the right wire in; hence by changing the live wire in the common, you will get the connection right. You can also visit online web-sites like, where the proper working and wiring of two way switches has been explained along with pictures.

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