How Do You Wire 4 Switches In 4 Gang Box From One Source For 4 Different Lights?


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Take the black wire from the power source and tie four power tails to it (6 inch black wires)
Tie all grounds together, leave four 6" tails
Tie all whites together
Use each black wire leading to each light to connect one to each switch on a brass screw
Tie one of the 6" tails to each switch (on the remaining brass screw)
Tie the 6" bare conductors one each to the green screw on the switch
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I have the following That I would like to operate from a std domestic 4 ganger switch, each independant from the other. 1/ double fluro, 2 /automatic garage safety light 3/ doble fluro, 4/ 3 fluros. Your help would be appreciated.

Greg Shepherd

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