I Have An Old Hobart Welder. Gasoline Driven. Make)WISC GAS;spec)5776-1;model)G-213. It Was Given To Me . Where And How Do I Buy Parts For It. Please Help Me?


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I have a Hobart G 213 Welder Generator SN AAW91735 that I purchased new in September 1974. I have used the AC generator a lot and probably overloaded it at some point.  The problem is there seams to be a flying short somewhere when I put it under load and the armature stalls the engine out. How do I go about finding the problem.
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Depends on the parts you need. Some ones from old welders can be rather expensive, it is even more reasonable to buy new model sometimes. Here is a very detailed review on best welder for beginners of nowadays, with actual references to Amazon. You can compare prices, check pros and cons of each item. Good luck!

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