How Do You Connect A 4-prong Generator Outlet To A 3-prong Dryer Outlet?


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cody dorrell answered
Look 4 an adaptor at rv store 4th prong is a ground
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Not having any specifics about the units you are trying to connect, you need to check first to see what power the generator requires. Usually when there s a 4 prong plug, it indicates that the unit needs 3 phase power while the common dryer only uses single phase power.
A phase is a 'hot' lead or wire coming from the circuit breaker box and if your outlet only has single phase, then you can not 'rig' it to run a unit that requires 3 phase, unless you run another hot lead from the breaker box to the outlet. This should be done by a professional though to ensure the new hot lead is properly tied into the circuits and breakers.

Another option is to check your generator. Sometimes they can be operated on single phase (3 prongs) or 3 phase (4 prongs) power.  This might require some rewiring of the generator and the instruction manual usually provided details on how to do that.

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