How To Wire A 30 Amp Breaker?


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A 30 amp breaker uses number 10 wire and is usually a 220 breaker so the red and black number 10 go to your breaker as hots and the white and green, bare copper wires go to the neutral/ground bar located in the panel. If this is only a single 30 amp breaker, then only one wire goes to the breaker
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12 x 3 = 36amps. It only has a 30 amp rated breaker. Your over the limit at 3 warmers. If it trips with 2 warmers, turn one on and let it get up to temperature before turning the other one on. The inrush current of the cold warmers is what is causing the breaker to trip.
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I have a 58 amp gas generator that need to provide 7000kw but it has a 30 amp breaker. The braker will go off with 2 or 3 12 amp warmer how can I make it good for 4 warmers

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