My Thermostat In My Home Does Not Shut Off The Central Air Unit When It Has The Set Temp On The Thermostat. Is It A Wiring Problem On The Thermostat?


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dan cooper answered
Most likely a problem with the thermostat itself rather than the wiring.
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Todd Larson answered
Rico, the type of thermostat will determine the problem if it is your thermostat at all, if your thermostat is a round Honeywell type and has the old mercury bubble, make sure the base ( that's the part that is screwed to the wall does not move. If it does there is a simple fix, get a small level and remove the outer plastic ring, it pulls right off. Set the level on the two small plastic studs that protrude out from the base on top, just above the bubble. Is it level, if not move the base one way or another until the base is level, then tighten the thermostat base screws. Then snap the plastic ring back on and test.

If thermostat is a digital type the back battery may need to be replace or the yellow wire, which is the control wire for your central air unit maybe loose. Tighten it up with a small flat blade screw driver. Do not worry about getting an electrical shock because the voltage is DC current (direct current) and is only 24 volts with no amps.

If this does not help in any way, please call a HVAC tech (Heating & cooling tech that is).

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