How Do I Move A Plug Socket Along A Wall?


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For starters, it's not an easy task to move a plug socket. You have to make sure the wiring is long enough for starters and it's not fixed length. Secondly it requires knocking into the wall, meaning you have to be sure there are no pipes, wires behind it. I've done it once, and I did succeed after a long and tedious process. Don't forget you're not just knocking into the wall to make a space, you have to strip/knock down the whole segment to move the wires.

If you do try it, make sure you switch the mains off in the house. Which goes without saying.

Good luck. Although I'd suggest an electrician.
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I am just about to do this very task as I am moving a kitchen cupboard.  I have cut a hole into the plasterboard to take a new pattress box.  I then had to drill out and chisel away the brickwork behind so the metal box would sit flush with the wall.  I then cut a channel (chase) between the existing socket and the new one for the wire to sit in.

I will then need to remove the faceplate from the old socket (turning off the power first!) and connect the ends to the wires I intend to run to the new socket.  I have yet to work out how I will do that connecting - probably use those little connector blocks but I suspect that there is a proper product for this.  Its then a case of moving the faceplate to the new socket and connecting it up. To make good I will nail the cable to the wall with cable clips, fix an protective metal strip over it and then sort out the plaster to fill the gap.
Hopefully when I turn the power back on it will all work OK


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