How To Wire A Double Dual Outlet? Looking For How To Diagram?


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Unfortunately there are no clear diagrams online however there are a number of steps that you can follow here, in order to wire a dual electrical outlet. These are the most common wall outlets as they are usually found in homes and buildings. The wiring process is relatively simple, but make sure you have a screwdriver, electrical cable and wire cutters to hand.

Firstly, you should make sure that you turn off the circuit breaker at the panel so you prevent any dangerous accidents from occurring when you work on the electrical circuits. Once you've done that you should slowly pull out approximately four inches of the cable from the wall and through the gang box where you will be placing the electrical outlet. Then you should separate the two leads of the electrical cable so you have six inches of isolated wire leads. Keep in mind that you may need to make a careful cut with your wire cutters to separate the leads. The next step is to take off half an inch of insulation from each lead and then loosen the screws on each side of the outlet. Once you've done that, you should carefully slide the ends of the wires under the screws and tighten them in so they stay put. Make sure you put the black wire under the negative screw and the white wire underneath the positive screw. Once you've done all those steps your wiring process should be successfully completed.
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I don't have a way to draw a diagram (I need to learn how to do that!).

Two ways I have used:
Hook one end (black wire) to the outlet furthest from where the wire comes in the box.
Allowing for some slack, estimate where the cable can be connected to the other outlet.  Then remove about one half inch of insulation at that point and wrap the bare wire around the screw on the second outlet (closest to the wire coming into box).  Repeat for neutral.  Similar for ground but don't leave much slack for ground to avoid shorts if outlets are moved into box.

The other way is to hook the wires to the near outlet, then make short jumpers (maintaining color code) to attach to the second outlet.
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Freedom1ST thank you I think this will do just what I needed to know and I printed it out so I can go step for step from your answer thank you again. Lillian11

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