Where Can I Buy Parts For A Master Flow Gable/attic Fan?


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Replacement parts for Master Flow Gable attic fans can be found online at a number of websites. The official store of Master Flow fans, GAF roofing (, offer replacement parts that are guaranteed to fit your attic fan. Parts can also be found on other online shops such as eBay (

Master Flow attic fans are used to remove odours from your home while providing fresh air. Installing Master Flow fans into your attic can help improve ventilation across your whole house. The fans are made up of three primary parts: The blades, electric driving motor and an outlet louver to allow for air circulation.

The electric driving motor can be located under the fan so that it is able to draw fresh air in via any open doors and windows. The type of motor that you install will depend on how much air is needed to effectively cool down your whole house. In order to work this out, you will need to calculate the volume of the house by multiplying the height by the area for each floor. You will need to exclude any rooms from this equation that are always kept closed, such as closets and cellars. If you do not feel confident measuring the amount of air needed then it is recommended that you contact a professional.

To avoid needing replacement parts too soon in the future, you should maintain and monitor your Master Flow fan regularly. The foam or rubber the coats the exterior of the fan to reduce noise will need to be checked periodically. All parts of the fan will need regular cleaning to ensure that you are not breathing in air that is full of dust. This is something that should be done meticulously if the fan is not used very often. The timer on the fan should also be maintained periodically to avoid any malfunctions.
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The fan blades connect to the "rod" or motor shaft with a "set screw".  Look for a small, 1/8" dia hole in the round collar that fits around the "rod" and holds all the blades of the fan.  It is most likely aa 1/8" hex, or Allen wrench, set screw.  You should tighten the set screw when the small, flat part of the shaft is closest to the screw so that the set screw will set directly on the flat part.  If there is no flat part on the shaft, just tighten it anywhere.

You may have to adjust the collar on the shaft up or down so that all the blades clear the motor mounts and struts.
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I got my replacement motor and fan blade from
Good service and knowledgeable. They sell attic fan and whole house fan replacement parts online. Here is their number direct number 630-206-0282.
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There are lots of websites that are providing parts of Flow Gable so you can find all informaton about master gable at this website.
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Power atticvent 1100 cfm 1/7HP PR2D, 10 yr Hi22 - purchased 10-08-08
In desperate need of wiring format. Also is there a replacement vent cover available -, hail damage on mine.

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