How Do You Remove A Broken Spark Plug In The Socket Of The Engine?


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I was changing the spark plug on my 1998 honda civic Dx. One of the spark plug was real tight. I sprayed some wd40 and turning it slowly. I got it lose but it won't come out.
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I would try a torque socket and hit this into the  sparkplug hole using a hammer use a extension bar a rachet and undo it it may be best to get the engine hot and soak the spark plug with wd40
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Eliza Monique Rivera
Wouldn't the wd40 cause a fire?...I'll tell my brother though, it might work...
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Use a penetrant like PB Blaster, not WD-40.

If you broke it in place then you MUST MAKE SURE that there are no chunks of the old spark plug in the hole when you remove the plug. I recommend using compressed air. If there are porcelain chunks in there and you remove it then they will fall into your cylinder and tear stuff up.

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